Our Campaign for Carbon Pricing

Putting a price on carbon is the single most effective way to reduce the emissions that are causing global warming while keeping more of our energy dollars in Massachusetts, growing our own economy, and building a stronger, more reliable energy foundation based on local renewable energy.

The Massachusetts Campaign for a Clean Energy Future is a growing coalition of environmental, business, faith and civic organizations dedicated to passing carbon pricing legislation and assuring that Massachusetts continues its national clean energy leadership.

How Carbon Pricing Would Work in MA

Right now, fossil fuel companies can use the common air we all breathe as a free dumping ground for their pollution, the same emissions that are causing global warming, and the rest of us are picking up the tab in the form of increased respiratory disease, health and food costs, and extreme weather damage.  We don’t pay these costs when we buy fossil fuels, but we pay them at the doctor’s office, the grocery store, and in our insurance premiums.

In Massachusetts, carbon pricing legislation would correct this failure and help us move to an economy based on a stronger, more reliable foundation of renewable energy.  It would charge a fee to those who import fossil fuels into the state.  The fees likely would be passed on to residents and businesses, and encourage everyone to switch to lower cost alternatives.  But since no one wants to raise the overall cost of living and doing business, the revenues from those fees would be collected in a special fund and then sent directly on to residents and businesses, in the form of “rebates.”  The less anyone spent on fossil fuels, the more of the rebates they would keep.

Every year, Massachusetts sends $20 billion out of state to import the fuels that are damaging our health and environment and making us more vulnerable to climate change.  Carbon pricing legislation will help us shift to renewable energy and keep more of that money here at home, where it can grow more businesses and jobs.

Carbon pricing has been successful in countries all over the world.  Massachusetts has always been a leader when it comes to championing innovative ideas and legislation. Let’s take this opportunity to show the rest of the country that the United States can address one of the greatest threats of our time while boosting the economy.

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Carbon pricing stalls in Senate this session.  Campaign looks forward to next session.
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Above: Members of the Carbon Pricing Campaign were at the State House to talk with legislators, May 11, 2016 | Read Article


What: Local Environmental Action Conference
We will table and hold a workshop on carbon pricing
When: Sunday March 13th
Where: Follow this link for tickets, directions, and more information


What: University of Massachusetts Lowell Accelerating the Green Energy Transition Event
A panel made up of a labor representative, environmental, and business speakers
When: Wednesday, April 6th from 3:30-4:45
Where: Follow this link for tickets, directions, and more information

What: Volunteer District Representatives Grassroots Summit
Join our coalition! Come to this half day summit and learn about how you can serve as a captain and on-the-ground expert for your senate district. Lunch will be provided.
When: Saturday, April 9th from 10 am – 3 pm
Where: St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, Framingham, MA
Summit registration and more information here 

What: Why Pricing Carbon is Good for your Health
A panel of environmental and health professionals present about the health benefits of reduced air pollution from a price on carbon
When: Monday, April 11th, 12:30-2 pm
Where: Salem State University Martin Luther King, Jr. Room located in the Ellison Campus Center in front of the Alumni Plaza North Campus
Find out more here.  Pizza will be provided!

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Just 2 more hours until the premier of the Carbon Pricing episode in Season 2 of Years of Living Dangerously, the terrific climate change series! You can watch it tonight at 10 eastern time on the Na...

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Just 2 more hours until the premier of the Carbon Pricing episode in Season 2 of Years of Living Dangerously, the terrific climate change series!

You can watch it tonight at 10 eastern time on the National Geographic Channel.

Starting tomorrow, it can be downloaded on iTunes, Hulu, Google Play, or Amazon.

If you don't have cable, you can get the National Geographic Channel by subscribing to Sling TV at www.slingtv.com.
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Nikki Reed meets with a group of campaigners working to put a price on carbon to help solve climate change.

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Check out tonight's #carbonpricing episode on National Geographic channel at 10. #YEARS #climatechange https://t.co/qm9cMNOOnD
- Thursday Dec 1 - 1:13am

Can download the #carbonpricing episode in the #YEARS series tomorrow on iTunes, Hulu, Google Play, or Amazon.
- Thursday Dec 1 - 1:07am

Watch the #CarbonPricing episode tonight at 10 (ET) in the great #YEARS of Living Dangerously #climatechange series, Natl Geographic Channel
- Thursday Dec 1 - 1:06am

As CAN helps lead world with nat'l #carbonpricing, short video shows how B.C's pioneering law has worked so well https://t.co/IASVovzNgJ
- Tuesday Oct 4 - 10:42pm

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